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​★2023 Chrismtas Gift Pack

This is a 2023 Limited Gift Pack. This gift pack includes 2 Holiday pins you choosed, and random pin pin, sticker and some random item.

★ Configure

- Potin Christmas Bag x 1 (Random Color)
- Holiday Potin enamel pin x 1 (select one)
- Holiday Cartoon Animal enamel pin x 1 (select one)
- 1 random or 2 mini enamel pins
- 1 random product
- 1 random sticker


★ Options you can choose

1. Option A

1) [Special] Christmas Wreath Potin pin
2) Bolkki Potin pin

2. Option B

1) Adventure Time : Jake and Cake and Cupcake pin
2) Amphibia : Santa Domino pin
3) The Owl House : Snow Ball Hooty pin
4) Steven Universe : Rudolph Lion pin

★ Details

☆ Potin Christmas bag(Green/Red)
- 150x150mm
- Gold foiled on Velvet bag

☆ Potin Wreath pin
- Gold plate / Hard Enamel
- 35.8x40mm

☆ Cartoon(Animal) pin

- Dyed metal / Soft Enamel

- Bolkki Potin pin : 40x38mm
- Jake and Cake and Cupcake pin : 40x34.5
- Santa Domino pin : 40x31.7mm
- Snow Ball Hooty pin : 40x37.9mm
- Rudolph Lion pin : 40x35.8mm

*For Rudolph Lion, the actual color is paled and dark, and for Jake & Cake pin, the yellow color is slightly green. Please bear this in mind, and for this reason, exchange or refund is not possible.


★ Random itmes notice

☆ Products that CAN be included as random products
- 1 pin or 2 mini pins(25 mm or less)
- Products included as a set (one of the pin/keyring in the set)
- Acrylic key chains (shaker x), Terry's air fresher, patches, lanyards, etc
- Patreon stickers, Seal stickers, single items, etc

☆ Products that are NOT included as random products
- WATCHING AND DREAMING bundled product, except for future Cammilla & Vee pin.
- Hinged pins, pins over 60 mm
- Large products such as acrylic stand, shaker, print, memo pad, and note
- Palisman Key chain
- Potin Original Product
- Random Package Limited Products
- 2022, 2023, and 2024 Christmas products
- Non-standard products (standard classification criteria)

☆ Others

- It is not possible to select two cartoon pins or two potin pins in one pack.
- The gift bag color will only be presented at random.
- Random product selection is not possible other than the selectable option.
- The number of all products is limited, so they will not be restocked after they are sold out!
- This product is limited to 2023 Christmas and will not be restocked when it is out of stock.


​★2023 Chrismtas Gift Pack

Optin B
  •  Be sure to check FAQs and Polices before purchasing. The seller will not be responsible for any problems caused by not checking these precautions. Read Policey

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