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Patreon Shop Benefits & Guide

Here are some benefits for Patreon subscribers.


- Except for some products, you can pre-order first with a discounted amount. It takes at least a month because the production of the product starts after the sale starts.
- Products that fail to fund in the pre-order will be moved to the 'Make it!' list.

★ View all products

- You can purchase all products, from the first pre-order products to the limited Patreon products, and the limited edition products with only a very small amount left.
- Products sold out at the Patreon shop mean that there are no more quantities unless they are restocked.

★ 20% off and combined shipping

- Check out Patreon's monthly updated and announced 20% off coupons and use them in your shopping cart promotion code. Coupon numbers are updated every month.
- For bundled shipping, please request combined shipping with your order number and order name to after ordering. The paid shipping fee will be refunded excluding the difference.
- Combined shipping is only possible if there are orders that have not previously started shipping. Products or some items in the event store may not be available for combined shipping.

★ Please Produce it! : Please bring the product that has been canceled to life!

- Please add a little more money and help us produce a product that has been canceled!
-  Products on the "Make It!" list only show products that have failed to fund existing products. Production will begin as soon as the production cost is paid.
- Make it! If you purchase a list, the person who purchased it will be the first to receive the item, and a small gift will be sent along with the five made items.

★ Additional inquiries

- Do you have any additional questions? DM me on Twitter or Instagram to @P_Goods_factory!

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