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​★Adventure Time : Fionna and Cake - Golb Bundle

The Golb Bundle is a bundle with 6 enamel pins, 1 block stand and 1 key chain packed in a red box.

☆ Fionna and Cake enamel pins set

- Character : Black Nickel Plate Hard Enamel
- Dandelion&Bettyfly : Color Metal plate / Soft enamel Epoxy

- Fionn and Cake : 40x25.2mm
- Dandelion : 14x9.4mm
- Gary(Gumball) : 33x19.5mm
- Marshall : 35x22.9mm
- Simon and Crown : 29x24mm
- Bettyfly : 12x15.6mm

☆ Simon & Betty Block Stand (Corotto)

- 70x50x10mm
- a double-sided print, three-dimensional form
- The acrylic stand is about 1cm thick and is an acrylic stand that can stand without separate floor parts.

★ Golb Bundle Exclusive items

- If you purchasing a Golb bundle, you will get Golb Betty keyring and bundle items will packed with red ribbon with yellow sticker.

☆ Bundle Box(Bundle Exclusive)
- 15x8x3.5mm

☆ Golb Betty Red foiled keychain(Bundle Exclusive)
- 63.5x53.8mm , double side printed
- Red foil will printed at the front.


Golb Bundle

$60.00 Regular Price
$42.00Sale Price

June Sale!

Only 1 left in stock
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