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★Patron exclusive FREE BEE!(only one for per package)

- When ordering a free bee, be sure to purchase other products together.
- Orders with free bee only will be automatically canceled!!
- Only one free bee can be requested per order. Also, only one is included in one package.
- If you want to receive multiple free bees, place your order separately and order the package to be shipped separately!

of free bee Random type and condition. And products that have a lot of stock will be sent first.

type of random free bee

- sticker
- enamel pin
- keychain
- pin button
- Other products out of stock
- It is a set product, but there are remaining products because the number does not match


- The condition of the product includes 'standard class' products and 'B class products' or 'sample' that was originally produced.
- Previous Patreon products are included.
- Expensive or bulky items are not included.
- You cannot select a product when selecting a random product.
- The bonus is a 'free' item and cannot be exchanged for condition.
- When randomly selected, a bonus product with a theme related to the purchased product will be delivered.
- Only one order per order is allowed. And only one is included in each package.
- Only one bonus is given, and sets are excluded.


Patron exclusive FREE BEE!(only one for per package)

  •  Be sure to check FAQs and Polices before purchasing. The seller will not be responsible for any problems caused by not checking these precautions. Read Policey

  • Pins are pre order items! They will ship after all items are ready to ship!

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