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​★Infinity Train: Chicken Choice Judy Set

☆ Chicken Choice Judy 1 NFC LP Key-Chain

- Cover : 65x65mm/LP Charm : 55x55mm
- Recognition is possible only with a phone with NFC function, and the contents of the NFC chip cannot be changed.
- The NFC chip is located at the bottom of the LP case.
- The link built into the chip is a YouTube playlist link, which is a collection of links to officially uploaded music videos.
- After checking that the phone has NFC function, turn on the NFC mode.
- Place the LP charge on the back of the phone. If the location is not correct, it may not be recognized.

☆ Heat Embroidery Patch

- Size: 60x60mm
- The back side is a heat patch, you can put it where you want to stick it, put a handkerchief on it, and apply heat to it.
- Depending on the material, the thermal patch may not adhere properly and may fall off.
- Applying heat for too long or applying multiple heats can damage the patch.

☆ Free Mascot Sticker

- Size: 50x50mm
- Transparent sticker (with white layer)

The infinity train-shaped charm is not attached. If you pay an additional fee, we will send it with a charm.


Chicken Choice Judy Set

PriceFrom $5.00

Happy Birthday Potin!

  •  Be sure to check FAQs and Polices before purchasing. The seller will not be responsible for any problems caused by not checking these precautions. Read Policey

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