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★Amphibia : Mini Props Enamel Pins Set

- Black nickel plate / Hard Enamel

#1 Set
- Super Anne's Leaf(Orange)/Leif's Leaf: 22x18.1mm
- Boom Shroom : 20x18.2mm
- Marcy's Shall Pin: 20x14.7mm
- Rebellion Pin: 11.6x20mm

#2 Set

- Super Anne's Leaf(Pink): 22x18.1mm
- Super Anne's Leaf(Yellow) : 20x18.2mm
- Anne's Phone : 14.7x25mm
- Marcy's Hair Pin: 18x11.6mm
- Commander Sasha's crown Pin: 22x18.1mm

* It is convenient to use instead of pins to attach paper to a cork board or to fill in the blanks of badge boards.
* Sold as a set only, #1 and #2 sets are not mixed or sold separately.
* It is not possible to select the color of the leaves.


Amphibia : Mini Props Enamel Pins Set

$25.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price

May discount!

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