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​★Anne's Birthday Gift - Amphibia Random Package ver.2

A random package of products made under the theme of Amphibia - Anne's Birthday Present - Amphibia Random Package


- 2 new Enamel Pin
- 1 random warrior gem Enamel Pin (no lower part)
- 3 random Enamel Pins
- 3 random Acrylic keyring
- 1 random stickers
- 1 random Terry's air freshener random
- 1 Additional key chain - Designed by Oly
= Cost about 150usd

Random items included in the package cannot be selected or exchanged for other products. New pins are set products that cannot be purchased separately. (Limited to 30 pieces) All products consist of standard products.

☆ Futer Trio Polaroid Pin

- 50x43.9mm
- Gold Plate/Hard Enamel


Anne's Birthday Gift - Amphibia Random Package ver.2

$75.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price

May discount!

Only 2 left in stock
  •  Be sure to check FAQs and Polices before purchasing. The seller will not be responsible for any problems caused by not checking these precautions. Read Policey

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