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★Steven Universe Movie : Finale Enamel pins set

- Steven : Rose Gold plate/Hard Enamel/46.5x45.8mm
- Garnet : Gold plate/Hard Enamel/44x39.8mm
- Pearl : Spray plate/Soft Enamel/44x37.4mm
- Amethyst : Spray plate/Soft Enamel/40x36mm
- Connie : Spray plate/Soft Enamel/40x38.5mm
- Lapis : Silver Nickel plate/Hard Enamel/40.x32mm
- Peridot : Gold plate/Hard Enamel/40x29.1mm


Steven Universe Movie : Finale Enamel pins

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.50Sale Price

June Sale!

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